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Longswitch develops and customizes database solutions on demand of its customers. We offer solutions pertaining to different database systems that is too based on client's specific requirements.

Relational Databases

A relational database—or, an SQL database, named for the language it’s written in, Structured Query Language (SQL)—is the more rigid, structured way of storing data, like a phone book. For a relational database to be effective, the data you’re storing in it has to be structured in a very organized way. A well-designed schema minimizes data redundancy and prevents tables from becoming out-of-sync, a critical feature for many businesses, especially those that record financial transactions. A poorly designed schema can give organizational headaches.

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Non-Relational Databases

If your data requirements aren’t clear at the outset or if you’re dealing with massive amounts of unstructured data, you may not have the luxury of developing a relational database with clearly defined schema. Enter non-relational databases, which offer much greater flexibility than their traditional counterparts. Think of non-relational databases more like file folders, assembling related information of all types. Trying to store, process, and analyze all of this unstructured data led to schema-less alternatives to SQL.

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Cloud Databases

Now a day, data has been specifically getting stored over clouds also known as a virtual environment, either in a hybrid cloud, public or private cloud. A cloud database is optimized or built for such a virtualized environment. There are various benefits of a cloud database, some of which are the ability to pay for storage capacity and bandwidth on a per-user basis, and they provide scalability on demand, along with high availability.A cloud database also gives enterprises the opportunity to support business applications in a software-as-a-service deployment.

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image Database Services

Database Services That We Offer

Some of the general database related services that Longswitch offer are mentioned below.

  • Database Development image
  • Database Customization image
  • Database Consulting image
  • Database Migrations image
  • Database Assesment image
  • Database Documentation image

Longswitch is not limited to just these services, if you have some custom requirements or queries related to you next database project then do reach out to us.

image Relational Databases

Relational (SQL) Databases

Longswitch is experienced working with below given relational databases.

  • Microsoft SQL Server image
  • MySQL image
  • Oracle image
  • PostgreSQL image
  • IBM DB2 image
  • MariaDB image
image Non-Relational Databases

Non-Relational (NoSQL) Databases

Longswitch is experienced working with below given non-relational databases.

  • MongoDB image
  • Couch DB image
  • RavenDB image
  • Cassandra image
  • Redis image
  • Riak image
image Cloud Databases

Cloud Databases

Longswitch is experienced working with below given cloud databases.

  • Amazon RDS image
  • Amazon DynamoDB image
  • Amazon SimpleDB image
  • Microsoft Azure image
  • Google CloudSQL image
  • OpenStack image
  • IBM DB2 image

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